Johnson Thermol Temp, Inc.
A Full Service Mechanical Contractor
About JTT
CAD Plan
Why should you consider having Johnson Thermol Temp, Inc. maintain your
equipment? Maybe the following points will answer your question.
1.        We have very many accounts that we preform regularly scheduled
maintenance on. This actually saves you money, because we can usually
schedule a few of our accounts on the same day, and in a the same geographical
area, so that you pay for very little drive time.
2.        We only do win, win work. That is that for us to do some work for you, in
good conscience, we must see that you will save money (or that it has to be done),
and that it is profitable to us. We are not interested in doing extra work on your
equipment if it is not in your best interest.
3.        Because we do a large volume of maintenance we get very good prices on
the materials that are needed for regular maintenance and we pass the savings on
to you.
4.        We are very good at what we do.
Many contractors in the state know us
because we do such good work. Our experience causes our clients' equipment to
run better, more efficiently, last longer, and have fewer break-downs.
5.        We are extremely organized. Over the years, we have developed a very good
system of preforming regular maintenance for our clients that saves them money
and keeps their equipment in good working order.
6.        We only send out capable service technicians with years of experience. We
don't send out the "New Kid" to do complicated work, because our customers are
very important to us and we want to do the best job for them that we can.
7.        And lastly, depending on the environment in your building, having us
service your equipment may save you a lot of money in energy bills and repair
costs. If problems on you're Mechanical systems are not addressed, the end result
may be the same as if you never maintained your car; that is that efficiency drops,
the cost of operation goes up, and premature failure of the components is likely.